Class 9 Chemistry Notes for FBISE and Punjab Boards

Class 9 Chemistry Notes for FBISE and Punjab Boards
Class 9 Chemistry Notes
We are providing you class 9 Chemistry notes in good quality. We have designed these notes according to the requirements of annual exams of all FBISE and all Punjab boards. We have added all the past paper questions and important questions in these notes. You will find them very useful for annual board exams. These notes are free for students and always remain free.

9th Class Chemistry Notes of all Chapters

Pakistani students find chemistry very difficult. But we have tried to present it in a very simple way. 9th class Chemistry notes provided here are for both English medium and Urdu medium students. 9th class chemistry book consists of eight chapters. We have divided whole book in the following parts.
  • Short question answers notes
  • Multiple choice questions notes
  • Important long questions selected from past papers
Class 9 Chemistry notes provided here are free and will always remain free.
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9th class chemistry with download links for English medium students are given below. You can download and save them by simply clicking on these links.
  1. Fundamentals of Chemistry
  2. Structure of Atoms
  3. Periodic Table and Periodicity of Elements
  4. Structure of Molecules
  5. Physical States of Matter
  6. Solutions
  7. Electrochemistry
  8. Chemical Reactivity

To download Chemistry notes for 9th class students in Urdu medium, click the links given below.
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  1. English medium is not available.

    1. English medium notes of Physics and Chemistry will be available at soon. Keep visiting .....


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