First Year English Book-III Poems Notes

First Year English Book-III Poems Notes
First Year English Book-III Poems Notes
First year English Book-III poems notes are being uploaded here. We have prepare these notes both for intelligent and weak students. We hope these notes meet all your exam requirements. These notes will fulfil all the exams requirements of Federal Board and all Punjab Boards.

First Year English Book-III Poems Notes

First year English Book-III contains two parts. One is plays and the other is poems. Here we are providing English Book-3 poems questions and answers notes. Here you will see two type of notes i.e. all solved exercises notes and other is consists of very important questions ans answers notes. Most frequently asked questions are added in it. If the students prepare these important question answers notes, they will be able to get eight out eight marks.
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1st year English Book-3 poetry part consists of 20 poems. The list of these poems with poet is given below. PDF files of notes are given at the end of this post. You can download these notes for free. Don's forget to share it with your friends and schoolfellows.
1. The Rain - By William Henry Davies
2. Night Mail - By W. H. Auden
3. Loveliest of the trees, the Cherry now - A.E Housman
4. O Where are you going - By W.H. Auden
5. In the street of fruit stalls - By Jan Stallworthy
6. A Sindhi woman - By Jan Stallworthy
7. Times - By Unknown
8. Ozymandias - By Percy Bysshe Shelley
9. The Feed - By Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi
10. The hollow men - By T.S. Eliot
11. Leisure - By William Henry Davies
12. Ruba'iyat - By Allama Muhammad Iqbal
13. A tale of two cities - By John Peter
14. My neighbour friend breathing his last - By Bullah Shah
15. He came to know himself - By Sachal Sarmast
16. God’s Attributes - By Rumi
17. The Delight Song - By N. Sott Momaday
18. Love – An Essence of All Religions - By Rumi
19. A man of words and Not of Deeds - By Perrault
20. In Broken Images - By Robert Graves

First Year English Book-III Poems question answers notes are free for everyone. To download these notes in PDF format, click the following links.
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English Book-3 important questions notes

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